SL Cheerleading Squad

Second Life's Sweethearts

The SL Cheerleading Squad is a virtual cheerleading team within Second Life, a very elaborate 3D virtual world. SLCS is the largest, most organized, and most successful cheerleading group within Second Life.

You can sign up at and then teleport to our office in Cheertopia!

Captain Christi Charron leads this very energetic group. Every cheerleader on our squad has gone through an interview process and extensive training! Each member is not only beautiful, but also intelligent, spirited, professional, and fun!  Lots of girls apply for our training program every week! We also have a VIP group of over 3500 members, which consists of friends, family, and FANS! We love our VIPs! Woot!

SLCS is a promotional squad and can be hired for appearances at events! Contact Christi Charron to book the squad for your next event!

DISCLAIMER: Second Life, SL, and inSL are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. The SL Cheerleading Squad is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.